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Not All Greens Are Equal. Here's Why.

Not All Greens Are Equal. Here's Why.

At surface level, Greens powders are seemingly similar with lots of health-boosting nutrients; vitamins, antioxidants, pre & probiotics, and whole food sourced ingredients.

But if you aren’t careful, you might just be overpaying for greens that aren’t boosting your health as well as you’d wish. 

Want to find out more about why not all greens are equal? Then, we’ve got something for you… 

Verve V80 vs The Market

Take a look at the table below to see how Verve V80 directly outperforms the entire UK market in: 

  • Number of nutrients
  • Dosages 
  • Transparency
  • Pricing compared to other premium choices

Yes, not all greens are equal — and we don’t want you overpaying for greens that quite frankly aren’t strong enough. But Verve V80 reigns as the superior choice that could replace an entire stack of supplements in one daily scoop.


Number of Nutrients



Serving Size

Price per serving

Rheal Clean Greens

Unknown, but 8 ingredients total. 

Low - no ingredient amounts shown, or # of nutrients.

Low - their nutritional information shows per 100g when compared to the “Daily intake”, but a serving is 5g. 


£0.80p per serving. 

Bloom Greens


Does not disclose ingredient amounts



£1.33 per serving (6g)

£2.67 per serving(12g)

Bulk Greens

Unknown, but 8 ingredients.

Low - no information on ingredient amounts, or # of nutrients.



£0.91 per serving



Fully transparent

High for some nutrients, but many are missing.


£2.90 per serving

Athletic Greens


Medium - Discloses some nutrient dosages, but not ingredient amounts. 

High for some nutrients, but entirely missing some like Vitamin D + K. 


£3.20 per serving

Verve V80 

80 👑

Fully transparent👑

High, most nutrients at 100% NRV 👑


£2 per serving with subscription.

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The densest greens drink on the market

With an unmatched blend of 80 vital nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, probiotics, adaptogens, and wholefood-sourced ingredients, Verve V80 is the most nutrition-dense powder available. Verve V80 is full of superfoods, essential vitamins, minerals, pre & probiotics and antioxidants blended into one daily ritual that you can look forward to — thanks to the infusion of real fruit. 

Fully transparent

Unlike competitors, we don’t hide our ingredient lists, or dosages, so you can make an informed decision. All of our ingredients and their dosages can be found on our website. We know the science behind Verve V80, and we’re proud of it — that’s why we want you to know too. 

The one to replace them all

80 high-quality ingredients, but that’s not all. Our multivitamin complex contains up to 100% of your daily intake, replacing most of the supplements in your cupboard, such as Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, Zinc, Ashwagandha, and many more. 

By the founder behind Myprotein®

Verve V80 was created with careful consideration by Oliver Cookson, the founder of Myprotein®. The goal: Not only be the superior choice of the greens market, but also the most transparent. 

Don’t Settle For Less. Go Verve.

Verve V80 is around 20% more cost-efficient than the closest competitors and has the most nutrients in direct comparison. The dosages are high too, as the vast majority of nutrients are at 100% NRV. 

Unlike competitors that make unclear and vague label claims, Verve V80 backs it up with science by being transparent. 

Click the button below to become part of the Verve family, and make hitting your nutrition goals easier than ever before.  

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