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What's so Great about Shiitake and Reishi Mushrooms?

What's so Great about Shiitake and Reishi Mushrooms?

One is known as the ‘mushroom of eternal youth’ while the other is the oldest cultivated mushroom in the world.

But besides those two impressive claims to fame, Reishi and Shitake mushrooms are also celebrated for their high nutrition content. And not just today…

Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries, both of these fabulous fungi are believed to be true all-over body boosters. In TCM, for instance, Shitake is believed to boost circulation and help with longevity, while the calming Reishi mushroom is targeted at anxiety and insomnia difficulties.

A host of health benefits

Studies have shown that both types of mushroom can aid our immune system, making it easier to ward of colds and even flu. They can give us energy and, it’s said, help keep our blood sugar balanced, the offshoot being it’s easier to lose weight. Another plus from these ‘shrooms’ is helping our skin look clearer and hair shinier.

How do they manage all this? Because the immune-boosting nutrients beta-glucans are in their make-up. Reishi mushrooms contain adaptogens which can help us fight fatigue, while both are full of antioxidants (which is where the skin boosting properties come in). Not only that, but because they also contain minerals such as zinc and copper, they can help our bodies make it is own antioxidants.

And as if that wasn’t jaw-dropping enough, there’s more - the polysaccharides in Shiitake mushrooms may also have an anticancer effect, according to some studies. At the same time, certain compounds can help lower blood pressure.

What do they look and taste like?

Shiitake mushrooms have large caps – up to five inches wide sometimes. They tend to be chocolate brown in colour, with a pale underside. Taste-wise, they’re actually a bit like meat. They can be popped into a stir fry, soup etc after you’ve wiped the dirt off.

Reishi mushrooms are much more colourful. They start of red in the centre and stem then turn orange, yellow and white as the cap spreads out. They have a woody taste and a texture like cork. Because of this they’re used for tea, with 30 minutes boiling before straining the water. The dried version need at least two hours boiling. The tea itself is on the bitter side (and which is why it’s best as a supplement).

Where to find Shiitake and Reishi mushrooms

Both mushrooms are mainly grown in Asia (Japan) but you’ll also find Shitake on the shelves of your local supermarket. You’re more likely to find Reishi mushrooms in powder form in a health store.

You can benefit from both – without having to make a stir fry or time-consuming soup – by simply drinking as a nutritional supplement like Verve. That way it takes seconds to get the goodness you need to see you through your day, every day.

Get in touch Verve contains both types of mushrooms as well as green powders and all the vitamins and minerals you need daily. Take a look at our website.

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