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Huel Daily Greens Alternatives

Are you looking for a greens supplement that not only boosts your daily nutrition but also aligns with your values for transparency and effectiveness? While Huel Daily Greens has become a familiar name in the world of health supplements, you might be on the lookout for an alternative that provides transparency and better value for your nutritional goals. In this blog, we’ll look at Huel Daily Greens alternatives that might be a better fit. Let’s dive in.

What is Huel Daily Greens?

Huel Daily Greens is a nutritional supplement designed to provide a convenient way to increase your intake of greens and essential nutrients. As the name suggests, it’s a product launched by popular brand ‘Huel’ known for their meal replacement shakes. It contains a blend of powdered plants, vitamins, and minerals, targeting those who want to improve their diet without the hassle of preparing multiple servings of vegetables every day.But how does it compare to the rest of the greens powder market? 

Why You Might Want a Huel Daily Greens Alternative

While Huel Daily Greens offers a range of nutrients, there are a couple of reasons you might consider an alternative:

  • Lack of Transparency: Knowing exactly what you’re consuming and in what quantities is essential for informed health choices. Transparency about ingredient dosages ensures you’re getting enough to meet your dietary needs.
  • Possible Underdosing: For those seeking specific health benefits such as gut health or enhanced energy levels, the dosage of certain ingredients like probiotics and B vitamins is a key consideration. As we’ve covered in our Huel Daily Greens review article, these ingredients appear underdosed in Huel Daily Greens. 

With these considerations, we’ve picked out some alternatives to help you find a better fit.

Huel Daily Greens Alternatives

When looking for a Huel Daily Greens alternative, it’s important to find a product that not only fills the gaps in your diet but also aligns with your health goals. 

Here’s a look at some notable alternatives:

  • Verve V80 
  • Supergreen Tonik 
  • AG1 by Athletic Greens 
  • Phytality Phytoplankton Supergreens
  • Rheal 

Below, we’ve taken a more detailed look at what you need to know about these alternatives. 

1. Verve V80

Verve V80 stands out with its commitment to transparency and nutrient density, boasting 80 ingredients and over 200 health benefits vs Huel Daily Green’s 170. 

Unlike many alternatives, Verve V80 is 100% transparent about the dosages of its ingredients, ensuring you receive a potent blend of greens, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. 

And it doesn’t stop there; 

  • Recommended doses of probiotics and ALL essential vitamins to meet 100% of NRV
  • Also contains optimal dosages of ashwagandha (500mg) and various adaptogens
  • UK manufactured 
  • Full transparency on ingredients and dosages

With Verve, you don’t have to rely on blind trust and get a real look at what ingredients are inside, so you can see for yourself that this stuff works. And because of this, to no surprise 81% of customers feel the difference. 

To learn more about Verve V80, click the button below. 

Learn more about Verve V80

2. Supergreen Tonik

Supergreen Tonik is another popular choice for those seeking a comprehensive nutrient profile. It includes a range of organic greens, adaptogens, and cognitive enhancers. It's designed for overall wellbeing, with a particular focus on mental clarity and stress reduction.

What we like about Supergreen Tonik is that they’re also 100% transparent about their ingredients and dosages, so they contain no proprietary blends. 

While it loses out on overall value to Verve V80, it’s definitely a solid choice if you’re looking for transparency and optimal dosages. 

  • Brand: Supergreen Tonik 
  • Pricing: $87
  • Fully transparent?: Yes

3. AG1 by Athletic Greens

AG1 by Athletic Greens is one of the most popular greens brands in the world. It provides a broad spectrum of nutrients aimed at supporting performance, recovery, and digestive health. It's a well-rounded supplement, but it does also have some downsides: 

  • Pricing:  In the UK, AG1 costs £97 for 30 servings… Yep, it’s a little pricey. 
  • Proprietary blends: while you are informed about the types of ingredients included in the product, the specific amounts of each ingredient are not disclosed. 

But overall, it’s not a bad choice - it just falls shot to some of the competition like Verve V80. If you want a more detailed analysis of why and how it falls short, check out our Verve V80 vs AG1 guide. 

  • Brand: Athletic Greens
  • Pricing: £97/$97
  • Fully transparent?: No

4. Phytality Phytoplankton Supergreens

Phytality Phytoplankton Supergreens is quite unique because it harnesses the power of marine phytoplankton. 

It's rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, targeting those looking for anti-ageing benefits and improved cellular function. It also has a ton of nutrients; 90 in total, but the main area where it falls short is the dosing as many of the vitamins are underdosed as you can see in the image below. 

Phytality Phytoplankton Supergreens is a solid choice, if you’re looking for a slight boost in all nutrients. But it doesn’t have the same power as some of our top choice. 

  • Brand: Phytality
  • Pricing: £47.95
  • Fully transparent?: No (doesn’t list ingredient quantities) 

5. Rheal

Rheal offers a range of powders for different purposes. 

 Their 'Clean Greens' blend focuses on immunity, while 'Gut Feel' is crafted for digestive health, and 'Balance Tonic' aims at hormonal equilibrium. These targeted products allow you to choose a supplement tailored to your particular health concerns.

These products are normally priced at £25 - but sometimes they are discounted. 

So, what’s the downside of Rheal? 

Well, normally these products only contain 5-7 ingredients vs the 70-80 of some of our other options. The good news is that these ingredients are likely well dosed, even though Rheal uses proprietary blends. The reason we can say this is because if their blend only contains 7 ingredients and the serving size is 5g that most ingredients will be around 700g. 

That said, it just doesn’t quite compete with the other options in terms of quantity of health benefits because contains so few ingredients. 

  • Brand: Rheal
  • Pricing: £25
  • Fully transparent?: No (doesn’t list ingredient quantities)

Finding Your Fit - Final Words

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Huel Daily Greens alternatives. 

To recap here’s our list of Huel Daily Greens alternatives: 

  1. Verve V80 
  2. Supergreen Tonik 
  3. AG1 by Athletic Greens 
  4. Phytality Phytoplankton Supergreens
  5. Rheal 

Finally, we’d also like to remind you that dosage transparency should be a top priority. 

Knowing exactly how much of each ingredient you’re consuming is not just about clarity; it’s about efficacy. The right dosages can make all the difference in how your body absorbs and utilises these nutrients.

Verve V80 excels here, providing complete transparency about the amount of each nutrient packed into every serving. This ensures you’re not just sprinkling an underdosed mixed greens into your water, but you’re getting a precisely measured dose designed for optimal health benefits.

From its robust blend of 80 ingredients to the assurance that you’re ingesting adequate levels of probiotics and B vitamins, Verve V80 offers peace of mind that you're fuelling your body with what it needs.

With Verve V80's dedication to dosage transparency and unmatched range of health benefits, it's a frontrunner for those seeking a truly effective Huel Daily Greens alternative.

V80 Transparent Greens Powder
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