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Bloom Greens UK Alternatives

Our Top Choices

Keen on boosting your health with a daily greens drink but not sure Bloom Greens is the best fit for you? Don't worry – there are plenty of good alternatives out there in the UK. And most of them are even better for you. In this blog, we’ll explore the best Bloom Greens UK alternatives and break down what makes them stronger choices.

About Bloom Greens

Bloom Nutrition offers a greens powder that aims to support your digestion, immune system, and energy levels.

It combines a mix of greens, friendly bacteria, and other helpful nutrients. 

But if you like to know exactly what's in your supplement and if the nutrients are in strong enough amounts, you might want to look around for other choices.

It boasts 30+ ‘good-for-you’ ingredients’, but when you look into the details you might be disappointed.

Why You Might Want an Alternative

Don’t Be Fooled By Label Claims

One thing that might make you think twice about Bloom Nutrition is that they use something called proprietary blends. This means they don't share the exact amounts of each ingredient in their product.

Below, you can see the Bloom Greens nutritional label.

Something we’ve noticed is that it appears many of the ingredients are likely underdosed. For example, the ‘superfood blend’ is a total of 1367mg, and contains 6 ingredients. 

This gives us an average of around 226mg per ingredient in the blend. However, competitors like Verve V80 contain 800mg of Spirulina and 500mg of Alfafa, which is practically the same amount as their entire superfood blend – in 2 ingredients.

Furthermore, this seems to be the case with almost every blend inside Bloom Greens. 

Another example is the ‘adaptogenic blend’, which has a total of 100mg, but includes Licorice Root Extract, Rhodiola Root Powder, American Ginseng Root Extract, Ashwagandha Root Powder, Astragalus Root Powder, and Eleuthero. 

Based on their label, it appears that their entire blend has a lower weight than a recommended Ashwagandha dose of 250mg to 500mg per day. 

Again, UK alternative Verve V80 contains 500mg of ashwagandha alone — 5x the amount of their entire ‘adaptogenic blend’ in one ingredient. 

Bloom Greens UK Alternatives: Our Top Choices

Best FS Greens Alternative:

Top Choice: Our top choice is Verve V80. Not only is it fully transparent while Bloom Greens isn’t, it also includes many more nutrients and at higher doses as well. The vitamins inside are 100% NRV, and the same goes for the majority of other ingredients like ashwagandha, so you will be able to feel the difference. Compared to Bloom greens, it has much more science behind the formula. Click the button below to learn more about Verve V80. 

Let's look at a few options ranked from good to great:

6. Protein Works - Super Greens Extreme

When it comes to selecting a greens powder, the details really matter. With Protein Works Super Greens Extreme, you're looking at a tempting offering due to its variety of superfoods and low price point. 

It boasts an inclusion of popular superfoods such as Spirulina, Kale, and Wheatgrass, known for their rich nutrient profiles.

However, let's talk numbers to understand this product better. The serving size for Super Greens Extreme is 12 grams, which may appear sufficient at first glance. 

But here's the rub: the actual nutrient dosages provided within this serving size equate to just 15% or less of your recommended daily intake. For those who are serious about their nutrition, this means you might have to increase your intake—potentially quadrupling your scoops—to actually reap the benefits these superfoods offer.

This isn't just inconvenient; it's also not the most cost-effective approach.

We included it because if you’re just looking to boost the intake of various nutrients slightly, it might be a choice worth considering. But not if you’re looking for a complete greens powder.

Moreover, the pricing strategy of Super Greens Extreme does initially stand out as a positive at first sign. 

However, this benefit is somewhat undermined when you take into account that you may need to use more of the product to get the desired nutrition, thus increasing the overall cost.

The issue of transparency is also a sticking point. Protein Works uses a proprietary blend for their Super Greens Extreme, which means they don't disclose the exact amounts of each ingredient in the mix. This lack of transparency can leave you feeling a bit in the dark, as it's challenging to gauge how this supplement will fit into a well-rounded diet.

It’s not the worst choice if you’re just looking for a slight boost, but it’s not ideal if you’re looking for a complete greens powder.

5. Rheal Superfoods

In fifth place, we have Rheal Superfoods with their Clean Greens powder. It's an all-organic pick that's vegan-friendly and focuses on clean, GMO-free ingredients. 

Rheal offers various products such as their balance tonic, gut feel, or clean greens powders — each formulated for a specific purpose. 

Pricing wise, it’s coming in at about £25 per product, which is okay if you’re just purchasing one but if you’re looking for a complete choice they might not be the best option.

Here’s why: 

  1. Rheal’s products only include 5 to 7 ingredients, which is much fewer than competitors like AG1, Verve V80 and even Bloom Greens. 
  2. The cost: Purchasing multiple of these products would set you back £75 to £100, which would make it one of the most expensive on our list. But still, it would only be 15-21 ingredients, much fewer than other competitors. 
  3. Conflicting ingredients: Many of Rheal’s products include the same ingredients, for example baobab powder is present in both Gut Feel and Clean Greens, so you’d have too high doses of them, while missing out others. 

Overall, Rheal is a solid choice for specific purposes, but the hype ends there.

4. Phytality Phytoplankton Supergreens

Nestled comfortably in our list is Phytality Phytoplankton Supergreens, a product that distinguishes itself with an exclusive combination of nutrient-rich marine phytoplankton and fermented chlorella. 

These ingredients are celebrated for their ability to alkalise the body and infuse it with a spectrum of essential nutrients.

Priced at £47.95 for 180 grams, Phytality strikes a balance in the market's cost spectrum. Their unique product is especially noted for its inclusion of marine phytoplankton, which delivers a unique mix of micronutrients and essential fatty acids, rare in other greens supplements.

The fermentation process employed in their chlorella speaks to Phytality's dedication to maximising nutrient uptake, ensuring the body can fully take advantage of the nutrients ingested.

With an impressive count of 90 nutrients, Phytality tops the list for nutrient variety. 

However, there are aspects where it loses to our next choices: 

  • Dosages: While abundant in variety, the nutrient levels of many ingredients hover around the 25% mark of the Nutrient Reference Values (NRV), which is significantly lower when stacked against powerhouses like Verve V80.
  • Serving Size: The recommended serving size of 6 grams is smaller compared to other competitors, which contributes to the lower doses of nutrients provided per serving.

Pricing: At £47.95 for a month’s supply, it may seem steep, especially considering the smaller serving size and the potency of nutrients compared to the cost.

3. AG1

Taking the bronze medal on our list is AG1 by Athletic Greens, which has become a favorite on social media, partly due to their $2.2 million/mo podcast sponsor spend, and influencers like Andrew Huberman promoting it. 

Key Features of AG1:

  • Wide Range of Nutrients: AG1 includes a blend of 75 different ingredients, including essential vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and probiotics.
  • Well-Established Brand: With a solid reputation in the wellness community, AG1 has garnered a loyal following and numerous positive testimonials.

Pricing: Coming in at around £97 (£75 with subscription) for 30 servings, AG1 is one of the pricier options on the market, potentially making it less accessible for those on a tight budget.

It also uses proprietary blends, but of the ingredients disclosed, it has good doses. Still, considering the price point, not ideal.

2. Supergreen Tonik

Claiming the silver position, Supergreen Tonik emerges as a strong contender in the greens supplement market. 

This comprehensive formula boasts not only a suite of vitamins and minerals but also includes adaptogens and nootropics for cognitive support and stress relief. What we like most about Supergreen Tonik is that they are fully transparent in their ingredients, listing each ingredient and its dose on their website, the same way Verve V80 does. 

Highlights of Supergreen Tonik

Claiming the silver position, Supergreen Tonik emerges as a strong contender in the greens supplement market. 

Highlights of Supergreen Tonik:

  • Diverse Ingredients: A well-rounded selection of over 38 ingredients which covers a variety of dietary needs.
  • Mental Clarity: Contains ingredients specifically aimed at enhancing cognitive function, which is a unique selling point not often found in other greens drinks.
  • Transparent Labelling:  Supergreen Tonik takes a transparent approach, clearly listing all ingredients and their dosages on the label.

Pricing: At around £87 per 30 servings, Supergreen Tonik is also on the more expensive side, which doesn’t make it ideal for most consumers.


  • Taste: Some users report a less than palatable taste, which can be a significant deterrent for daily use.
  • Price might not be ideal 
  • Only 38 ingredients, which isn’t great variety for the price.

1. Our Top Choice: Verve V80

Verve product bundle with plants in the background
And now, the moment you've been waiting for

The top pick for a Bloom greens UK alternative is Verve V80.

Verve V80 shines brightly in the world of greens drinks for many reasons. 

  • Transparency: No hiding behind complex blends. You get to see everything that's in it, which means no second-guessing about the goodness you're drinking
  • Ingredients: It stands out with a grand total of 80 ingredients, supporting more than 200 health benefits. This makes Verve V80 the most nutrient-dense option around, ensuring you're getting a comprehensive boost with each sip.
  • Pricing: Verve V80 is about 20% cost-effective than its nearest competitor, so you can save some cash while getting a high-quality product.
  • Doses: As we’ve highlighted the issues with various of competitors, Verve contains high doses and 100% of most of your daily vitamin intake. Ingredients like ashwaghanda also come in at 100% of the recommended dose. Check out the ingredients here.
View All Benefits
Bottle on board with green fruit

And let's not forget the taste – Verve V80 is infused with real fruit for a greens drink that actually tastes great. You won't need to hold your nose to drink this one. 

We can confidently say that Verve is the best choice and the most nutrient-dense green on the market right now — with nothing to hide – and everything to gain. 

Click the button below to learn more about Verve V80. 

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Bloom Greens UK Alternative: Frequently Asked Questions

We also wanted to answer some frequently asked questions about Bloom Greens. 

Are Bloom Greens Really Good for You?

Bloom greens supplements tout numerous health benefits, primarily due to their number of plant-based nutrients. However, their effectiveness may be undermined if the ingredients are underdosed. Additionally, proprietary blends can limit the consumer's knowledge of what they are actually ingesting, making it difficult to ascertain the true health benefits.

Why Is Everyone Drinking Bloom Greens?

The surge in Bloom greens consumption mirrors a wider move towards wellness and convenient nutrition. Despite their popularity, it's wise to scrutinise whether these products use proprietary blends, as this can conceal the exact potency and effectiveness of the purported healthful ingredients.

Does Bloom Really Help with Bloating?

There are accounts of Bloom aiding in reducing bloating, likely from the digestive enzymes and probiotics included in the formula. Yet, the lack of transparency with proprietary blends means the effectiveness of these ingredients is uncertain without clear dosage information.

Can Bloom Greens Make You Lose Weight?

As a low-calorie, nutrient-dense addition, Bloom greens can support a weight loss regimen alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise. However, they shouldn't be relied upon as the sole method of weight reduction, and it's essential to consider overall lifestyle choices for sustainable outcomes.

What Does Bloom Do to Your Body?

Bloom has the potential to enhance general well-being by increasing your intake of various nutrients. The real impact on your body, though, may depend on whether the nutrients are effectively dosed and how well your body can absorb them, which isn't always clear with proprietary blends.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our list of  Bloom Greens UK alternatives.

When considering a greens supplement like Bloom Nutrition Greens, it's crucial to be aware of certain practices that may affect the product's integrity and value. 

The use of proprietary blends is a particularly concerning issue in the greens drink industry, as this approach can conceal the specific amounts of each ingredient, making it difficult for consumers to know exactly what they're consuming and in what quantities.

To summarise the article, here are the best Bloom Greens UK Alternatives:

  1. Our top choice: Verve V80 
  2. Supergreen Tonik 
  3. AG1 by Athletic Greens
  4. Phytality Phytoplankton Supergreens
  5. Rheal Superfoods
  6. Protein Works - Super Grass Extreme

Each alternative brings something unique to the table, but as you can see, Verve V80 stands out for its impressive list of ingredients, cost-effectiveness, and palatable taste infused with real fruit. When choosing a greens drink, TikTok, it’s important that you actually understand the science and nutritional facts to make an informed consumer choice. And although Bloom Greens might be popular on TikTok, competitors like Verve V80 clearly shine in contrast. 

If you want to opt for Verve V80, the most nutrient-dense greens powder on the market right now, click the button below to learn more. 

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