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Supergreen Tonik UK Review

SuperGreen Tonik boasts to be the “formula that enhances energy levels, better mental focus and concentration, sleep, health and immune function, and less anxiety.” Can it do what it claims? Or are they just empty marketing promises? In this SuperGreen TONIK UK review we’ll look at the product, the science behind it, pricing, and much more.

Supergreen Tonik UK Overview

Verdict: To sum it up, Supergreen Tonik isn't bad, it’s fully transparent on ingredients, and has blend of 38 superfoods. But it has expensive shipping to the UK, and misses out on ingredient diversity compared to some of the higher-level competition like Verve V80.

In this thorough Supergreen Tonik UK Review, we're breaking down everything you need to know, such as:

  • Ingredients and their benefits
  • Taste & Mixability
  • Dosages and transparency 
  • Customer reviews

Note: This is not our subjective opinion; everything is based on research and scientific facts.

But it's not just about scientific details—we'll also share real user opinions and experiences so you can decide if it’s is right for you.

About Supergreen Tonik 

Adam Wright is the mind behind the Supergreen Tonik. He decided to create this product in 2018 after being a victim of Chronic Fatigue. Adam was unable to find a solid solution to his condition. 

That motivated him to make something that would help him and other people suffering from the same problem. So Supergreen Tonik was born. It is a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and organic superfoods, including leafy greens and adaptogenic herbs, formulated to improve nutrition, immunity, and stress management in a convenient daily serving.

Supergreen Tonik UK Review: Ingredients, Dosages, and Benefits

First, ingredients.

Supergreen Tonik has 38 ingredients. The ingredient count is on the slim side compared to competitors like Verve V80. 

Currently, Supergreen Tonik features 3 blends, but what we like about Supergreen Tonik is that they do not hide the individual ingredients. 

The three blends inside of Supergreen Tonik are: 

  • Nootropic or brain Blend
  • Organic Greens Blend
  • Immune blend

Greens Blend: 

This blend is designed to support general health with a focus on providing a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. It includes organic spirulina and chlorella, both of which are algae that are often touted for their high nutrient density and potential detoxifying effects. The blend also contains various grass powders that are rich in chlorophyll and may support digestive health, along with leaf powders that can offer additional vitamins and antioxidants.

Nootropic Blend

Nootropics are substances that aim to improve cognitive function. The blend includes ashwagandha and rhodiola, which are adaptogenic herbs potentially enhancing the body's resilience to stress, and bacopa and ginkgo leaf extracts that might support memory and cognitive function. This blend is intended to support brain health, focus, and mental clarity.

Immune Blend

This blend is focused on supporting the immune system. It includes echinacea and elderberry, both of which have a history of use in traditional medicine for their potential immune-boosting effects. Garlic extract is included for its reputed antimicrobial properties. Overall, these ingredients are chosen for their potential to support the body's natural defenses.

Key Ingredients and their Benefits Overview:

1. Spirulina Powder

2. Chlorella

3. Dandelion leaf extract

  • It has a high antioxidant percentage.
  • Manages blood sugar levels.
  • Prevents liver damage.

4. Kale Leaf Powder

  • A great source of vitamin C and K.
  • Lots of antioxidants.
  • Sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol compounds in kale prevent cancer.

5. Ginkgo Leaf Powder

Here you can see the complete ingredient label:

Note: Supergreen Tonik became vegan-friendly after January 2021. Plus, it’s dairy and soy-free.

Rating: 6/10

Dosage & Transparency 

It’s so annoying when supplement companies take benefit of proprietary blends. It's a sneaky move to hide how much of each ingredient they put in. But Supergreen Tonik is upfront and clear about what's inside. 

Each ingredient comes at a optimal dosage instead of just a list of ingredients with a “range”. 

In plain terms, you don't have to guess the dosages of ingredients.

The recommended dosage is a scoop of 12 grams into a drink of your preference. It’s up to the user to consume whenever they want. But morning till mid-afternoon is always the best option.

Each scoop contains: 

  • 1g sugar 
  • 2g fiber per serving
  • 40 calories per serving
  • 3g protein per serving


  • Available in two flavors: Berry and Mint.
  • Big range of minerals and vitamins.
  • Zero caffeine.
  • Lots of green ingredients.
  • Multi-functional formula.
  • No Proprietary blends


  • Vitamin E, Folate and K don’t hit 100% of daily intake

Rating: 8/10

Taste & Mixability

Yes, most green powders in the market come with an unbearable and gritty taste. 

But SuperGreen Tonik’s minty and berry flavors are quite pleasant. However, it might be too sweet or too artificial for some tastebuds as highlighted in the reviews below. 

You can try to fix this by mixing the powder in juice, smoothie, or some other drink.

The mixability is also pretty good. The powder mixes instantly even without a blender or juicer. 

Customer Feedback

The overall rating on Amazon is 3.6, hitting a sort of middle ground.

Not too bad, but definitely not the best.

So, let’s take a quick peak at one positive comment:

The customer is highly satisfied, especially with the mixability. It blends easily with just a spoon. She also mentioned that it keeps her full without interrupting her workout, and she gives a positive nod to the flavor.

Another plus for flavour comes from this customer:

She does mention that there are no changes after 10 days, but it's still too early. It's important to give it more time for the body to show improvements.

As we scrolled more, we did notice that the taste left the customers’ opinions split—half of them absolutely loved the taste, while the other half totally hated it:

The flavor obviously depends on personal preferences. But if you have a strong dislike for toothpaste-tasting and artificial flavours, it might not be the best choice.

Other things reviewers like: It mixes well, is easy to use, ships fast, and makes them feel better.

Other things reviewers don't like: It's expensive, and customer service isn't great.

Rating: 6/10

Supergreen Tonik Pricing:

A one-month supply (345g package) costs $87, amounting to $2.85 per serving. However, the shipping to the UK cost $9, bringing the total to $96 or around £75. 

The price for SuperGreen Tonik seems a bit high for the small number of ingredients it offers.

Verve V80, on the other hand, costs less with a subscription and provides over twice as many ingredients.

Best Supergreen Tonik Alternative: Try Verve V80 

Verve Tin lying on apples

If Supergreen Tonik UK doesn’t sound like the right supplement for you, consider the Verve V80. Here are the reasons why you’ll love us:

  • Science-Backed: Supported by science for 200+ health benefits.
  • Clear Ingredients: We don’t hide anything–all product details are on our ingredient page.
  • Rich Nutrients: Verve V80 has 80 nutrients, while Supergreen Tonik has 38.
  • Everyday Use: It covers 100% of daily needs—no extra supplements needed.
  • Great Taste: People simply love Verve V80's flavour.
Learn more about us

Supergreen Tonik: Frequently Asked Questions

What are The Benefits of Supergreen Tonik?

  • Stronger Immunity:  Minerals and vitamins lead to a stronger immune system.
  • Antioxidant Defense: Kale leaf powder and other antioxidants protect against oxidative stress.
  • Detox Support: Helps the body eliminate heavy metals with Chlorella and other ingredients.
  • More Energy: Provides an energy boost and muscle endurance with ingredients like Spirulina Powder.

Is Supergreen better than AG1?

When it comes to the Supergreen Tonik vs AG1 debate, the latter boasts 75 ingredients, which is twice as many as Supergreen. Many customers find it a better option for that reason. However, Supergreen Tonik wins in other areas such as being more transparent, and dosages of some nutrients.

How long can a Supergreen Tonik tub last? 

The longevity of a Supergreen Tonik tub is quite straightforward. Each tub is designed to provide you with 30 servings, which typically corresponds to a full month's supply when used as recommended. This is standard for greens powders, ensuring you have a consistent daily dose of the vital nutrients your body needs throughout the month. 

Does Supergreen Tonik Include Probiotics? 

Supergreen Tonik, while packed with numerous vitamins and nutrients, does not feature probiotics in its blend. If you’re specifically looking for a greens powder that supports gut health with probiotics, you might want to consider Verve V80 as a robust alternative. Verve V80 not only boasts a wide array of 80 ingredients for optimal nutrition but also includes probiotics to aid in maintaining a balanced gut flora.

How Long Do Greens Powders Take To Work? 

When it comes to feeling the effects of a greens powder, the timeline can vary from person to person based on a range of factors including overall health, diet, and lifestyle. Generally, some individuals may notice a boost in their energy levels and overall well-being within a few days of consistent use, while for others, it could take a couple of weeks to observe tangible benefits.

The key is consistency. Incorporating greens powder into your daily routine helps to ensure that your body is receiving a regular supply of the nutrients it requires. Over time, this can contribute to improved energy, better digestion, and an enhanced sense of vitality. Just like adopting any new dietary habit, giving your body time to adjust and truly reap the benefits is important.

Final Verdict 

SuperGreen Tonik is a quality green powder that can enhance your overall diet, filling in nutritional gaps. However, it lacks some crucial ingredients that could be important for a complete dietary boost.

Here’s how we rate each aspect of Supergreen Tonik UK:

Ingredients: 6/10

Customer reviews: 6/10

Dosage: 8/10

Transparency: 10/10

Overall: 7.5/10

In the face-off with Verve V80, Supergreen Tonik doesn't quite measure up. Verve V80 boasts a richer array of ingredients, making a powerful impact on the body while naturally enhancing its vitality.

Click below to find out more about Verve V80.

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