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Does Blending Fruit Destroy Nutrients? 

When it comes to enjoying your fruits, blending them into smoothies is a delicious and convenient method to get your fill of nutrients. With the rising popularity of blenders and the smoothie culture, a question often springs up: does blending fruit ruin its nutritional magic? Let's cut through the noise and uncover the truth behind this common concern.

Does Blending Fruit Destroy Nutrients?

First things first, blending doesn't destroy the nutrients in fruit

The blades of a blender do break down the fruit's structure, yes, but this is much like what happens when you chew. Your teeth grind food down so that your digestive system can go to work. 

Blenders essentially mimic this process, doing the initial work for you. The vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds remain present, even in a liquified form.

A Closer Look at Oxidation

Oxidation is often cited as a blender's nutritional crime—air supposedly collides with the fruit's goodness, dissipating its vitamins before they can reach your lips. However, if you're quick to sip your smoothie soon after it's blended, or store it in a container, the effects of oxidation are almost negligible.

 This is similar to the process of eating an apple. If you bite into it and leave it out, you'll notice it turns brown, but munching it down straight away bypasses this issue.


Now, what about the all-important fibre? Blending fruit does change its fibre content, but this isn't a bad thing. 

The soluble and insoluble fibres remain, they're just broken down into smaller pieces. This can actually aid in your digestion and the gradual release of sugars, keeping your energy levels more stable and your gut happier.

Boosting Bioavailability

Interestingly, the act of blending can increase the bioavailability of some compounds in fruit. Certain nutrients might be better absorbed by the body once they've been liberated from their cell walls, which can be particularly tough in raw foods.

 So, by blending your fruit, you could potentially be giving your body an easier job of extracting those nutritional benefits.

The Bottom Line

Let's be clear: blending fruit does not destroy nutrients. If there are any losses due to oxidation, they are minimal, provided you enjoy your blended drink promptly or store it in closed container. It's also worth noting that our bodies are well-equipped to handle and process foods in various forms—blended, chewed, or otherwise.


Verve Tin lying on apples

The verdict is in, and it's a resounding 'no'—blending fruit does not destroy its nutrients. Just like when you chew your food, blending helps to break it down and can even enhance nutrient absorption. This means that your smoothies are still nutrient powerhouses.

And for those looking to take their nutritional intake up a notch, why not consider Verve V80?

With its impressive lineup of 80 ingredients, you're looking at a greens drink that's leading the pack in nutrient density. It's transparently crafted, offering over 200 science-supported health benefits, and is more cost-effective than its competitors. 

Plus, with a taste that's actually enjoyable, thanks to the infusion of real fruit, it's a perfect addition to your smoothie or a great option on its own. So for a healthy lifestyle that's both convenient and full of flavour, Verve V80 is a choice worth considering.

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