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Informed Sport Accreditation

Everything You Need To Know

When you're an athlete or someone who takes fitness seriously, it's essential to know what goes into your body. Not only does it affect your performance, but it can also have implications for your health and career. This is where Informed Sport accreditation comes into play. Let's delve into what this accreditation means, its importance, and its application across various sports.

What is Informed Sport Accreditation?

Informed Sport is a global quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry, and supplement manufacturing facilities. 

The program aims to ensure that all certified supplements have been tested for banned substances by the world-class sports anti-doping lab, LGC.

The Importance of Informed Sport Accreditation

Warning, this might shock you… But, an investigation into supplements [1] found that they could contain undeclared anabolic steroids. Another study, found that more than 28% of supplements in their sample of over 3,000 brands pose a risk for unintentional doping. [2] 

As we’re sure you know, this would lead to failing doping tests and could ruin an athlete’s career and unwanted health implications.

By sticking to informed sport-accredited supplements, you can be 100% sure, this will never happen to you. 

Athlete Confidence

Athletes need to trust that the supplements they are taking are safe and compliant with doping regulations. Informed Sport offers that confidence by rigorously testing products to ensure they do not contain any substances that are banned by sports governing bodies.

Anti-Doping Compliance

The use of supplements that have not been tested for banned substances can result in athletes failing drug tests, which can have serious consequences, including disqualification and damage to reputation.

Quality Assurance

Accreditation reassures consumers about the quality and purity of supplements. It also indicates that the manufacturing process meets high standards and is monitored regularly.

No unanticipated side effects

Whether you’re an athlete or not, anabolic steroids have horrifying side effects such as acne, nerve damage, and permanent hormone imbalance. By sticking to supplements with sport accreditation, you can ensure that you’re safe and never risk these side effects.

Sports Where Informed-Sport is Used

Informed Sport accreditation is not specific to any one sport. 

It is used across a wide range of disciplines where athletes are subject to drug testing, including but not limited to:

  • Track and field athletics
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Weightlifting
  • Team sports like football, rugby, and basketball

How Does a Product Become Informed Sport Accredited?

The process for a product to gain Informed Sport accreditation involves:

  • Rigorous Testing: Each product batch must be tested for banned substances before being released to the market.
  • Facility Audit: The manufacturing facility undergoes a thorough audit to comply with quality control measures.
  • Regular Re-testing: Products that are certified are then tested regularly at LGC's anti-doping lab to ensure ongoing compliance.

Why Athletes Should Choose Informed-Sport Accredited Products

Choosing products that carry the Informed Sports mark means selecting supplements that are not only safe but also held to the highest standards of quality. It is an easy way for athletes to protect themselves against unintentional doping and the associated risks.

Making Informed Choices in Sports Nutrition

Whether you're an experienced athlete or just starting on your fitness journey, understanding the importance of what goes into your supplements is critical. 

Making informed decisions about your nutrition is key to not just optimising your performance but also maintaining your integrity in the sporting world.

In a market flooded with various supplements, finding products that match your commitment to the highest standards of nutrition and safety can be challenging. 

That’s where Verve V80 comes in

Verve product bundle with plants in the background

  1. Informed-Sport Accreditation: Rest assured with Verve V80, knowing it meets strict anti-doping standards, a top choice for athletes seeking clean, compliant nutrition.
  2. Natural Energy Boost: Elevate your game with increased natural energy levels, vital for achieving peak performance and endurance.
  3. Cardiac Health & Blood Flow: Benefit from improved cardiac function and circulation, enabling you to train harder and recover faster.
  4. Hormonal Balance: Support your body’s hormonal balance, a key factor for maintaining optimal physical and mental well-being in competitive sports.
  5. Combat Fatigue: Say goodbye to tiredness with nutrients specifically chosen to reduce fatigue, helping you stay focused and energised.
  6. All-Natural and Wholefood-Sourced: Trust in the wholesomeness of Verve V80, sourced from nature's finest to ensure purity and potency in every sip.
Key ingredients include: 
  • 100% NRV of essential vitamins such as A, B vitamins, C, D, E, and K. 
  • Minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc, and Potassium
  • Adaptogens such as Ashwagandha at optimal doses
  • Beetroot Extract, Gingko Biloba, and more to increase blood flow 

In total, Verve V80 has 80 natural ingredients and over 200 health benefits, making it your legal competitive edge. 

Take the step towards superior sports nutrition with Verve V80. 

To find out more and make it part of your winning strategy, click the button below: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Sport Nutrition and Informed Sport Accreditation

What is Informed Sport Accreditation?

Informed Sport Accreditation is a rigorous testing and certification program that ensures sports nutrition products are free from substances banned in sport. It involves batch testing of products, facility audits, and regular re-testing to provide athletes with assurance that what they're consuming is safe and compliant with anti-doping regulations.

Why is Informed Sport Accreditation important?

It's essential for athletes to avoid inadvertently consuming banned substances that could result in positive doping tests, disqualification, or other significant career consequences. The accreditation also assures consumers of the quality and purity of sports nutrition products.

How do I know if a product is Informed Sport Accredited?

Products that are Informed-Sport Accredited will carry the Informed-Sport logo. You can also check the Informed Sport website, where they maintain a registry of all accredited products and brands.

Can a non-athlete use Informed-Sport Accredited products?

Absolutely, non-athletes can also use Informed Sport Accredited products. These products are suitable for anyone seeking high-quality, rigorously tested supplements, not just competitive sportspeople.

Are all supplements and sports nutrition products tested for banned substances?

No, not all products are tested for banned substances. Only those that have undergone Informed Sport Accreditation or similar programs can assure consumers that they have been tested. If a supplement is not tested, you take the risk. 

How often are Informed-Sport Accredited products tested?

Accredited products are tested before they are released to the market. Additionally, each product must undergo regular batch testing and the manufacturing facility is subject to audits to uphold the accreditation standards.

Why would companies use banned substances in supplements? 

Many banned substances are surprisingly cheap, costing less than many supplements. They also often boast heavier performance effects, alongside scary side effects, such as acne, nerve damage, and permanent hormone imbalance. Companies may want to bulk up the weight, or increase the performance-enhancing effect, though it’s highly unethical. 


[1] Investigation into supplements:,risks%20for%20an%20athlete%27s%20career.

[2] 28% of supplements at risk:

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