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Bloom Greens Review: A Scientific Look

With plenty of greens powders on the market, it can be quite overwhelming knowing which ones to pick. They all claim to use superfoods like Spirulina and are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and a ton of other good-for-you stuff. But this isn’t always the case, and can sometimes be nothing more than a label claim without scientific evidence. One of the most popular greens powders we want to review today is Bloom Greens. Bloom Greens has been making waves on the TikTok wellness space, and is already the #1 greens powder in the US. But is it any good? Let’s find out, and dive into our Bloom Greens Review.

About Bloom Greens

Bloom Greens aims to be a nurturing oasis of health, providing a nourishing blend of plant-based nutrients that support your body's natural vitality. 

The blend is packed with a rich variety of organic superfoods, antioxidants, and enzymes designed to promote optimal digestion, increase energy levels, and support a robust immune system. 

The idea is making greens easily accessible that might be difficult to get from your diet, especially in today’s hectic modern times.

In this Bloom Greens review, we’ll analyse: 

  1. The science behind the ingredients
  2. Transparency
  3. Pricing 
  4. Taste 

Bloom Greens Review: Ingredients and Benefits

Undoubtedly, the most important part of this review are the ingredients. 

For this, we’re first going to walk you through the benefit claims, and the ingredients linked to those benefits. But after we’ll look at the science behind the dosages to see if Bloom Greens can really back those claims up.


Bloom Greens Nutrition Facts

Adjacent is a screenshot of the nutritional label, which as you can see is packed with various superfoods, fruits, and adaptogens. However, something to keep in mind is that Bloom Greens uses proprietary blends, which we’ll discuss in more detail later on. 

Benefit Claims

On the front packaging of Bloom Greens, the 3 main benefits listed are: 

  • Digestion 
  • Bloating
  • Energy 

Let’s break down which of the ingredients inside of Bloom Greens are responsible for these effects – and then look at the scientific evidence that supports it. 


The Digestive Enzyme Blend in Bloom Greens, at 150mg, includes enzymes like Amylase and Protease, which are known to aid in the breakdown of carbohydrates and proteins, respectively. 

These enzymes facilitate the body’s natural digestive processes, improving nutrient absorption and overall digestion. Inulin, a prebiotic fibre, is also present and is beneficial for gut health as it promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Scientific studies  support the role of digestive enzymes in enhancing digestive health, indicating that a supplement containing these could potentially support better digestion.


Bloating is often a result of poor digestion or an imbalance in gut bacteria. The Pre and Probiotic Blend of Bloom Greens contributes to a healthier gut flora which can help alleviate bloating. Probiotics such as Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus species are included in the blend and have been researched for their effectiveness in improving gut health and reducing symptoms of bloating. The Chicory Root Fructo-oligosaccharides also work as prebiotics, setting the stage for probiotics to thrive, which could, in turn, lessen feelings of bloating.


For a natural energy lift, Bloom Greens combines a potent Green Superfood Blend with an Adaptogenic Blend. Ingredients like Organic Barley Grass and Spirulina provide a wealth of B-vitamins and amino acids for immediate energy. 

Meanwhile, adaptogens such as Ashwagandha and Rhodiola enhance the body's resilience to stress, which can help sustain energy levels throughout the day. This synergy of nutrient-rich sources and stress-combatting herbs offers a comprehensive approach to boosting vitality. Research supports both greens and adaptogens' roles in increasing energy and mental clarity, making them a dynamic duo in Bloom Greens' energy-boosting claims.

Science & Dosages

Now, that we’ve looked at the main benefits of Bloom Greens, we wanted to look at the scientific research in a little more detail. 

One of the core observations from our Bloom Greens UK alternatives article is something we definitely need to mention here as well. 

Most ingredients appear underdosed. 

For instance, the superfood blends within Bloom Greens totals 1367mg, contains six different ingredients. This results in an average of approximately 226mg for each component in the mix.

 In comparison, some blends on the market boast individual ingredients at much higher amounts. For example, one serving might include 800mg of Spirulina and 500mg of Alfalfa, equating to nearly the entire superfood content of another brand’s blend with just two ingredients..

Moreover, a similar pattern is observed throughout the various blends in Bloom Greens. 

Take the 'adaptogenic blend' for instance—it's comprised of just 100mg across several ingredients, including Licorice Root Extract, Rhodiola Root Powder, and American Ginseng Root Extract, to name a few. The aggregate amount of this blend falls short of the daily recommended dosage for a single ingredient like Ashwagandha, which is typically advised at 250mg to 500mg. 

This means that the blend's collective quantity is less than what you would expect from an optimal dose of just one of its ingredients.

This raises the concern that ingredients are – based on the common practices —  underdosed, meaning you might not feel the effects. 

The Proprietary Blend Trap

What you’ve just encountered is what we call the'proprietary blend trap'. 

A proprietary blend masks the precise amount of each ingredient used, a tactic that some brands utilise. 

For example, a blend totalling 100mg may contain several herbs, like Ashwagandha or Rhodiola, yet the exact quantities are undisclosed. 

This can be misleading because the overall volume may be less than effective doses of individual ingredients… yet they can technically claim to be a superblend with all of the blends ingredients. But in such small doses, they probably have little to no effect. 

Does this mean all proprietary blends are bad? 

Not necessarily. 

The practice is mainly meant for brands that don’t want competitors to copy them. But that comes at cost of informed consumer choice and potentially efficacy.

This is why we’re not a fan of the practice. 

Bloom Greens Ingredients Takeaways

Bloom Greens stands out with a well-curated selection of ingredients, each serving a specific purpose towards overall health and well-being. The presence of a robust Fiber Blend, a comprehensive Green Superfood Blend, and supportive Pre and Probiotic Blends showcases the brand's commitment to addressing various health aspects, from digestion to energy levels.

However, while the ingredient diversity is exemplary, the dosages are a concern. Certain ingredients may appear in quantities less than those typically recommended in clinical studies. This could impact the efficacy of the promised benefits, as optimal dosages are key to ensuring the desired health outcomes.

Here's a quick summary of the ingredient highlights and concerns:


  • Inclusive of a Digestive Enzyme Blend for improved digestion.
  • Features Pre and Probiotic Blends for gut health and reduced bloating.
  • Contains a Green Superfood Blend and Adaptogens to enhance energy.


  • Some ingredients may be underdosed compared to scientific recommendations.
  • The exact impact of the dosages on efficacy is unclear without further context.

Curious about alternatives to Bloom Greens that might suit your needs even better? Take a peek at our comprehensive article comparing top options in the market – your perfect match might just be a click away! Explore our Bloom Greens Alternatives article now.

Bloom Greens Review: Taste

One area where it's impossible to fault Bloom Greens is on the taste front. Navigating the customer reviews, you’ll consistently notice high praise for its flavour. For many, the taste of a greens supplement can be a deal-breaker. No matter how beneficial a health drink might be, if it's a chore to drink, it simply won’t become a staple in your daily routine.

Bloom Greens has evidently taken this challenge seriously, crafting a flavour that customers genuinely enjoy. 

While the greens market often battles with products that can be tough to stomach, this one is one of the few pleasant exceptions. The strategic use of stevia as a sweetener plays a significant role here, offering a guilt-free sweetness that complements the natural taste without the addition of sugar or artificial additives.

The other ingredients contributing to this favourable taste could include fruit extracts for a subtle natural sweetness or perhaps a hint of mint for its refreshing aftertaste. the taste 

Overall, the taste is a definite win for Bloom Greens, 

Bloom Greens Review: Risks and Considerations

While Bloom Greens offers a promising blend of health-boosting ingredients, it's important to delve into the few, yet significant, concerns that potential users should consider.

  1. Not Informed Sports Accredited: One notable omission is the lack of Informed Sports accreditation. For athletes and those who are subject to drug testing, this accreditation is crucial as it ensures that the product is free from banned substances. Without it, there's a risk, albeit small, of unintentional doping.
  2. Dosages and Proprietary Blends
  • Dosages: Though the ingredient list is impressive, Bloom Greens falls short on the transparency of its dosages. Some ingredients may not meet the recommended amounts needed to achieve their full effects, which can significantly dilute the benefits.
  • Proprietary Blends: The use of proprietary blends means that the exact amount of each ingredient is not disclosed. This lack of clarity can be frustrating for those who really care about what and how much they consume. Knowing precise ingredient quantities is essential for those who want to avoid potential overconsumption or ensure they're getting an effective dose.

Bloom Greens Pricing: How Much Does Bloom Greens Cost? 

Bloom Greens is priced at £39 for a 30-serving container, and for those seeking a larger supply, a 60-serving option is available for £75. 

While the product presents itself as a premium choice, considering the low dosages of some key ingredients, this price point raised our eyebrows. 

To meet the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) for certain vitamins and minerals, youmay find yourself needing multiple servings, which could make Bloom Greens a less cost-effective option.

Best Bloom Greens Alternative: Try Verve V80 instead

two verve bottles cheers

When you're ready to step up your health game, Verve V80 is the superior greens drink choice, especially when contrasted with most options in the market,  including Bloom Greens. 

With Verve V80, you're guaranteed transparency, from the complete list of ingredients to their optimal dosages, such as the effective dose of ashwagandha for stress relief. 

In terms of serving size, Verve V80 offers a more generous helping, ensuring that you get the full spectrum of its 80 ingredients. Plus, with concentrated extracts, you benefit from the potency of nutrients without unnecessary bulk.

 It's not just nutrient-rich; it's also delicious, thanks to real fruit infusion, and more wallet-friendly, being 20% more cost-effective than its nearest rival. Choose Verve V80 for a taste of true nutritional excellence.

Learn More About Verve V80

Key differences and benefits of Verve V80 at a glance: 

  • Verve V80 contains 100% NRV of all essential vitamins in each scoop
  • Verve V80 has 80 ingredients vs Bloom’s 30 ingredients and 50 nutrients
  • Verve V80 has a 10g serving size vs Bloom’s 5.6g
  • Verve V80 contains concentrated extracts that are more potent in smaller amounts of weight
  • Unlike Bloom Greens and other competitors, Verve V80 is 100% transparent. 

Bloom Greens Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bloom Greens actually work?

Bloom Greens aim to deliver a boost to your daily nutrient intake, and for some users, they may notice improvements in their overall well-being. However, the efficacy largely depends on the individual's diet and the specific needs their body has. It's essential to consider the disclosed ingredient dosages to ensure they're sufficient to achieve the desired health benefits.

What are the benefits of drinking Bloom Greens?

Drinking Bloom Greens can supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals that you might be lacking, potentially aiding in supporting immune function, increasing energy levels, and promoting a healthier digestive system. However, the dosages on the label aren’t ideal, and might not be potent enough to feel the effects.

Do you lose weight with Bloom Greens?

While Bloom Greens isn't primarily marketed as a weight loss product, incorporating it into a healthy diet and exercise routine may contribute to weight management. Its low-calorie content and nutrient density can help curb cravings and provide essential nutrients without adding significant calories.

Are green powders actually good for you?

Green powders can be good for you as they are designed to supplement your intake of fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based nutrients. They are particularly beneficial for those who struggle to consume the recommended daily servings of these food groups. However, it's important to choose a product with transparent ingredient dosages and quality sourcing.

Bloom Greens Review Summary 

We hope you've found our Bloom Greens review insightful and informative. 

Our goal is to provide a balanced and thorough analysis to help you make the best decision for your health and wellness needs. As we wrap up, here's a quick recap of the key takeaways from our exploration of Bloom Greens:

  • Transparency Issues: Lack of clarity with proprietary blends and certification details may be a concern.
  • Dosage Concerns: The undisclosed dosages cast doubt on the product's ability to deliver its promised health benefits effectively.
  • Taste: A highlight for Bloom Greens, many users appreciate its flavour, making it a more enjoyable daily option than some competitors.
  • Cost: Priced at a premium, the cost may not align with the value offered, given the potential need for increased servings.

Overall Rating: 5/10 – Bloom Greens excels in taste, but due to transparency and dosage concerns coupled with its high cost, it receives a measured endorsement.

Overall, it’s not too bad of a choice, but there are much better alternatives like Verve V80. 

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