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7 Easy Self Care Ideas for Improved Wellness

7 Easy Self Care Ideas for Improved Wellness

You may be great at looking after your other half or best friend – serving them up delicious meals and turning up with a listening ear whenever they need it. Or maybe you’re a parent who shepherds their kid around to various activities after arriving home from work shattered.

That’s great – for them. But what about you? Because everyone needs looking after to an extent. And that’s where the concept of self-care comes in. It’s about nurturing yourself so that your body and mind are working at optimal capacity. After all, how can you look after others if you’re burned out, stressed and emotionally drained? 

Not performing self-care doesn’t just affect you mentally and physically. It also takes a toll on your relationships. That’s because you’re whacked and too emotionally low to engage. If that’s you, it’s time to take note:

7 Easy Self-Care Ideas


Get enough sleep.

This really is a biggie. Aim for around eight hours a night – even if that means going to bed before 10pm some nights. To make sure you set your alarm for ‘going to bed’ as well as for morning wakening. Always make sure you wind down around 20 minutes before heading for bed so that you’re relaxed when you get in.

Eat well

Make sure you get a good range of vitamins and minerals in your food. That means eating plenty of vegetables and fruit as well as lean proteins, wholegrains and pulses. Keep nuts and seeds handy for snacks. Take a vitamin supplement if you don’t feel you’re managing this. Savour the taste and texture of your meal as you eat it too.

See friends 

Keep up with people who make you laugh and you enjoy spending time with. People have busy lives these days and many of us are working longer. Don’t let your close relationships suffer as a result. Even if it’s a Zoom call rather than a face-to-face coffee, you’ll still benefit from chatting.

Educate yourself

Read a factual book, listen to an interesting podcast where you learn something new. Engaging the mind in a meaningful way is a great means of mental self-care. And if you don’t fancy that, do some word games or Sudoku.

Feel fresh air

There’s nothing better than a walk in the countryside on a fresh, crisp winter’s day to stimulate the senses. It also gets the circulation going and is great at helping you de-stress. Nature and its wonders has a way of diminishing worries and help put things into perspective.

Keep a journal

Write down anything that’s worrying you before you go to bed. That way you ‘park it’. You know there’s nothing you can do about it at that time of night so tell yourself you’ll look at it again in the morning. Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to remain optimistic during even the worst time at work. It’s one of our top self-care ideas, in fact.

Massage yourself

There are so many ways you administer a self-massage these days. You can choose an oil and pop out and invest in a massage ball or foam roller. Look up some massage exercises online and you’re off. The benefits are reduced muscle tension combined with an increased in circulation and a feeling of well-being. Combine massage with stretching exercises beforehand and you may even find yourself singing with joy. 

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